Our services

We Are Stewards helps companies to safeguard their purpose for the long-term with steward-ownership. Whether you are setting up a new company or running an existing one, steward-ownership is the best foundation of ownership for positive impact.


Lectures and workshops

Do you want to inspire a group about the possibilities of steward-ownership? We are happy to give an interactive lecture or workshop. We explore why steward-ownership is the foundation for the new economy. Using different companies as an example, we will show you how steward-ownership works.


Steward Start

Are you considering becoming steward-owned? During a Steward Session we will explore together what suits your company best, from the way in which you can safeguard your purpose, how your employees can contribute on the basis of their purpose, to which investors may suit your company.


The fundament

Steward-ownership is a universal principle. The design differs from one company to another. Together with relevant stakeholders, we work out the best steward-ownership foundation for your company up to and including articles of association and shareholder agreements. We work in collaboration with experienced lawyers.



We support progressive entrepreneurs in finding funding for their steward-owned business. We help you with crowdfunding and work with investors who also believe that purpose should be leading in your company.



We help investors to truly secure the long-term impact of their investments by investing in steward-owned companies and transforming existing companies into steward-owned companies.

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