We all are stewards

Steward-ownership is based on the idea of stewardship: (temporarily) taking care of something. In this way we are all stewards of the earth and we have the responsibility to deal with our planet like a good steward, for the generations to come, for other people and for all other life on earth.

Personal drive

Most entrepreneurs start from an idea. An idea to solve a problem - or to fulfil a need. A drive. A purpose. The same applies to employees; everyone has an intrinsic wish to contribute to a better world. What is your drive?

Ownership becomes stewardship

The ownership of a company can also be designed according to the principle of stewardship. This is the starting point of steward-ownership. A steward-owned company is 'his own' and exists to serve its purpose. Stewards (temporarily) take care of the development of the company.

The organisation serves its purpose

If a company focuses on developing its purpose, it is also extremely suitable for successfully applying principles of self-organisation (such as Holacracy).