We Are Stewards

Steward-owned companies can make our world a better place. Our goal is to put steward-ownership on the map in the Netherlands. We help entrepreneurs and investors to maximize their impact with steward-ownership.

Gijsbert Koren

Gijsbert is a pioneer in crowdfunding and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to use crowdfunding to finance the start and growth of their business. "Steward-ownership offers the ideal foundation for entrepreneurs and investors who want to make a positive impact."

Jennifer Benson

Jennifer is a seasoned commercial director and understands how difficult it is to reconcile purpose and shareholder interests. "For family businesses struggling with succession, steward-ownership is the way to continue”.

Want to work together on steward-ownership?
You can reach us via hoi@wearestewards.nl, or by contacting Gijsbert over telephone via 06-23545094