We Are Stewards

Steward-owned companies can make our world a better place. Our goal is to put steward-ownership on the map in the Netherlands. We help entrepreneurs and investors to maximize their impact with steward-ownership.

Gijsbert Koren

Gijsbert is founder of We Are Stewards and crowdfunding pioneer. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to use crowdfunding to finance their business. "Steward-ownership is the ideal foundation for entrepreneurs and investors who want to make a positive impact."

Max Muller

Max is a mathematician with a sustainability mission. He was involved with Shell shareholder Follow This. “To save us from climate catastrophe, we need to shift from shareholder primacy and short-termism to a more durable alternative.”

Nina de Korte

As a marketeer, Nina is a story starter about a new economy. Besides that, she is lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation at The Hague University. “The Silicon Vally model of growth at all costs is outdated. Change is coming, like new ownership structures that fit the economy of tomorrow."

Want to work together on steward-ownership?
You can reach us via hoi@wearestewards.nl, or by contacting Gijsbert over telephone via 06-23545094